I help sensitive and courageous women get past their challenges to ultimately feel peaceful, happy, and balanced. I created a coaching and therapy practice that involves a unique combination of talk-coaching/ therapy and breath-coaching, you likely won’t find anything like it in the US.  

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About Me

I was born and raised in Mexico city by Argentinean parents whose ancestors were from Europe. I moved to the US in my preteens- a very crucial and difficult time for anyone to experience a such a big culture shock. I have experienced very stressful and difficult times that come from living in a multi-cultural family and extensive family trauma; this has made me have enormous compassion and empathy for people and the lives they live. I have specialized training and experience working with trauma, drug/alcohol issues, family discord, stress, and anxiety. My background is in Clinical Social Work and I received a Master's in Social Work from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania. My approach is very unique and one-of-a-kind as I am one of the few practitioners in the world to have training as a Licensed Therapist and modern breathwork. To read more about the unique and amazing breathwork technique click here.

I live a happy and balanced life with my husband and son, along with our two (wild) cats and our newly adopted pup. We originally lived in Philadelphia, but since 2016 have resided in Knoxville, TN to be closer to outside rock climbing and the smokies.



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